Plasma Cosmology



Plasma Cosmology by Anthony L Peratt (Tony Peratt) is a free PDF that explains plasma cosmology basics and sciences poor understanding of a plasma universe, which is why the old version of Plasma Cosmology may be considered a pseudoscience or just wrong.

Anthony Peratt is famous for those in the Electric Universe theory for his work with plasma, Peratt Instabilities and especially his work on petroglyphs that perhaps explain the mysterious Squatterman and other ancient rock carvings seen around the world.

Plasma cosmology is NOT the EU theory but the Electric Universe uses or basis a lot of its theories on it being a plasma universe

Quote from Plasma Cosmology

The plasma universe may be eternal and infinite, directly contradicting the Big bang model. In this picture, swirling streams of electrons and ions form filaments that span vast regions of space. Where pairs of these filaments interact the particles gain energy and at narrow “pinch” regions produce the entire range of galaxy types as well as the full spectrum of cosmic electromagnetic radiation. Thus galaxies must lie along filaments, as they are observed to do on a large scale. The bulk of the filaments are optically invisible from a distance, much like the related Birkeland currents that reach from the Sun and cause auroras on Earth.

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