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Gemstones of the World book by Walter Schumann - this is not an Electric Universe theory geology book (EU theory) but you can apply EU thinking to see how Electric geology has changed and created materials to produce different precious stones.

To buy a much cheaper edition of Gemstones of the World (only a couple of $'s plus postage packing which can cost more than the book) you can purchase one of the older editions of the book.

Publishers review of Gemstones of the World

This definitive guide takes the mystery out of appreciating, buying and selling gemstones. It covers everything from the romance and history of more than 1,800 gemstones to their geographic locations; scientific, physical and colour properties; and the way they are formed, structured and mined. The book also fully covers the optical features of gems - light and colour, luminescence, refraction and inclusions - and key information about the densities and chemical elements of each stone, with fascinating details on different cuts, polishing, gems, hardness, cleavage, classification, trade names, rarity and more. There are also many charts and diagrams as well as magnificent colour photographs of the stones with data about them on the facing page. If you want only one book on gemstones in your library, this would be the one!

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