petroglyphs rock art carvings what are they how when whereHas the SAFIRE Project, the pure science investigation into the Electric Sun hypothesis, provided more visual evidence that petroglyphs may be the representation on Earth of plasma events witnessed in the ancient skies? Plasmaglyphs?

The SAFIRE Project reported observing stunning concentric rings of plasma forming around an anode. Lots of petroglyphs have concentric circles, circles within circles, as part of their carving into the rock all around the world.
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We found that the plasma formed its own spherical atmospheres. Not only one but two then three and at times over 15 stratified atmospheres, all spinning around each other.

But the plasma is also extremely sensitive. Almost anything that has the ability to accept or admit and electric charge or a magnetic field can change its behaviour.
SAFIRE Project: Phase 1 -Proof of Concept

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The big discussion for those who follow the various strands of thinking/ideas for plasma mythology in an Electric Universe will be are they evidence of the Sun, different plasma events, the Axis Mundi, Saturn Polar Configuration etc?

Petroglyph's with concentric rings

Some of these ringed petroglyphs might be spirals but some are hard to see and they also show the general idea. Although, of course, the spiral shape may be its very own individual plasma event and plasmaglyph, for example the amazing Norwegian Spiral event. Or just easier to carve lots of concentric looking circles into rock?

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  • Ivar Nielsen

    The only natural plasmatic figure one can think of, is the aurora and this doesn´t create rings or human figures.

  • Kathleen Sisco

    As I previously suggested, the ‘images’ of solar bodies in the sky during the last year (2016-2017) are perhaps an indication of a magnetic refraction, which I have since seen W Thornhills’ spoken support of that theory, so one might well ask: Where has the energy that provided the magnetic refraction come from? Is it a periodic cosmic alignment? Is it a plasma arc thru space created by planetary configurations like the triangle of Sol, Jupiter and Saturn with Earth, Moon and Mercury and Venus inside? Like that is now occurring at the Spring equinox?