Greek mythology based on truth? Planets evidence

Ancient Greek mythology based on truth? Planets evidenceThe ancient Greeks seemed to have what esoteric knowledge for their times or even to western society over 100 years ago. Perhaps this was common knowledge at the time?

Ancient Greek knowledge of the planets and Solar System?

The ordered worlds are boundless and differ in size, and that in some there is neither sun nor moon, but that in others, both are greater than with us, and yet with others more in number. And that the intervals between the ordered worlds are unequal, here more and there less, and that some increase, others flourish and others decay, and here they come into being and there they are eclipsed. But that they are destroyed by colliding with one another. And that some ordered worlds are bare of animals and plants and all water.
Ancient Greek philosopher Democritus (

Greek mythology tales gods true? Planets evidenceUnless the world and our solar system was different back then?

Or they had knowledge from some other source?

Or their technology was more advanced than we are allowed to believe? With the Antikythera mechanism, Baghdad battery as evidence.

If the ancient Greeks and other civilisations knew of the planets then was their mythology based on facts and truth? The planet Gods of Zeus (Jupiter) and the battle planet and god Mars/Ares were like that?

Part I of the Babylonian trapezoid procedures can be viewed as a concrete example of the same computation. They also show that Babylonian astronomers did, at least occasionally, use geometrical methods for computing planetary positions. Ancient Greek astronomers such as Aristarchus of Samos, Hipparchus, and Claudius Ptolemy also used geometrical methods, while arithmetical methods are attested in the Antikythera mechanism and in Greco-Roman astronomical papyri from Egypt. However, the Babylonian trapezoid procedures are geometrical in a different sense than the methods of the mentioned Greek astronomers, since the geometrical figures describe configurations not in physical space but in an abstract mathematical space defined by time and velocity (daily displacement).
Ancient Babylonian astronomers calculated Jupiter’s position from the area under a time-velocity graph | Science Mag