Author Topic: What if we find there is an energy surge towards the sun after earthquakes?  (Read 8546 times)


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What if we find there is a surge going towards the sun after earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, nuclear bomb? Would we eventually find, when we can measure it accurately enough, that power being exchanged between the Earth and the Sun will vary according to earthquakes, Tsunamis, lightning storms and dust storms?

If it does or an extra FTE (Flux Transfer Event) or Solar Tornado is triggered then would this prove that it is an Electrical Unvierse?

The earths (plasma) Space Fountain exchanges stuff into our Solar System.

Solar Tornados connect between the Earth and the Sun every 3 minutes.

NASA has reported that the Sun and the Earth exchange energy every 8 minutes. This is likely to increase and decrease when compared to some of the local and space weather variations and events.

IF the sun is nuclear why does it exchange energy with the Earth?

If you have a circuit then you need connections and power sources, anode and a cathode. electrons being charged, transfered, exchanged, moving.
Different electrical parts in a circuit (planets, moons, the sun, everything etc.)
For an electrical planet i guess you would want a lot of conductive/semiconductive materials. Salt water and silicon (silicates) would be good, especially for a natural variation of a circuit board.

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