Author Topic: The impact of Electric Universe craters on Earth - is this an EU crater?  (Read 5652 times)


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Bahrija EU Crater, Malta - related to Mickey Mouse Carolina Bays and craters?

Bahrija EU Craters - main crater - rim - cave - mini craters in a crater chain - - partial vitrification - discharge rock lines?
Mickey Mouse Carolina Bays

Bahrija satellite image showing secondary rim shot - Mickey Mouse Carolina Bay Craters - mini craters in a chain at bahrija crater

Bahrija crater, Malta - view from the northern rim

In an Electrical Universe things are scalable... are these different craters related or variations of a theme?

crazy geology lines or electric discharge lines - beside the main crater and mini craters chain at Bahrija, Malta

The Bahrija crater seems to be EU, it has all the signs, raised rim, secondary crater hit, cave and transformed rocks. It also has the mini craters chain and the strange rock lines (there are a number of these).

Is it an Electric Universe crater, is it a limestone depression, is it an impact crater...?

Are the Carolina bays a different EU discharge or event as they dont have the high rims (I think) of "normal" craters? Or is it a case of location, location, location.

The chain of mini craters is very interesting, groupings of micro craters has been observed and they seem to come in 3s or 4s. Were they all created at the same time or are they the result of different events?

Caves are found on Malta where there is suspected EU activity and the cave at Bahrija would fit into that category.  The inside of the cave has small iron bits sticking out of the ceiling. The rocks around the cave show signs of partial vitrification in that the parts of the surface appear to have been "melted" or coated with a glaze. The rocks are also not just your normal limestone rocks that they should be, they seem to be made of a different mineral or variation of limestone/sandstone.

The twisting rock lines found around the northern rim and close to the mini crater chain seem to show that some sort of natural discharge has occured. Either caused by a Plasma strike from the Electric Universe or that it was a dischage/exchange from the Earth going upwards.

Bahrija crater - Malta - DIS

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