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Posting, replies, chat, images and forum toolpad
« on: May 31, 2009, 07:26:07 »

If you don't want to sign up as a member of the Forum then you can always ask questions in the chat box on or for the much larger and easier to read chat page visiit the Room 2 Chat.

Please change the "Subject/Title" when you reply, unless it is a pure reply. Maybe add some keywords or the key point. This helps others to search for your words of wisdom.

Images - if you need to show images then use (free GNU Image Manipulation Program) to resize the images. Host them on another site ( etc). Even better is to have 2 images, one your smaller forum image that links to the better and larger main image.

FORUM toolpad (remove spaces)

TEXT LINK [url =###]###[/url]
IMAGE LINK [url =###][/url]



example and code is
[ url=][ img][/img][/url]

[url = link to a webpage, could be the image or a website][ img]image URL location eg where it is stored on your photobucket account[/ img][/ url]

[url = http: //www.###.html][ img]http://www.###.jpg[/ img][/ url]

[url = ###] [img]###[/ img][/ url]

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