Author Topic: The Great Flood, our non static atmospheric conditions and ancient cities  (Read 5449 times)


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Radiocarbon Dating
My father asked me why the documentation in television we saw a few days ago claimed that the cities they found underwater was older than ten thousands of years. We both believe in the Bible account and this account says that humans are not older than 6000 years. So how could the scientists in the documentary claim that they found evidence of humans living before Adam and Eve?

Underwater Pyramids 5000 Years Older than Egypt

For me one thing is sure: For a well based faith one need evidence and proofs, on which one build his own building of faith, his own worldview, his framework of thoughts and believes, ... right?

The main problem for radiocarbon dating is the incredible complex calibration process. A scientist using this method to find out how old a bone found in the dirt is, needs to know all the past atmospheric conditions ... nearly a impossible task. Than older a artifact is, than less precisely radiocarbon dating is. And if the scientists ignore the fact that once the earth was covered by a water vapour canopy providing a shield against cosmic radiation, then you can take your calibration and throw it out of the window, because it is useless!

Radiocarbon Dating and it’s Limitation regarding the PreFlood World