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The mountains are growing
« on: November 09, 2010, 16:29:50 »
I read that Mount Everest is growing at a rate of something like 2 inches a year.  Apparently due to tectonic plate movement.  How can there be a constant growth and not ebb and flow?  Is somewhere else in the world gradually sinking at the same rate to compensate?  Is the earth a fixed size, or is it also growing (ie, expanding earth theory).  Also - where is the new material - at the bottom, or is there a layering effect on top?

Or if it is not tectonic plate movement, what exactly is it that is pushing/pulling it up?

I guess Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt Everest in the 50s did not quite get as high as those who climb it today - he was short by about 2.5 metres!   :P


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Re: The mountains are growing
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2010, 16:48:52 »
In public high school geology I was taught that tectonic plate action ( gradualism ) caused mountain building, but when I looked at them many of these mountain ranges looked freshly hewn, so there was always a disconnect between what "they" told me was the causitive agent and the end result. But now that I can see with my Electric Eyes, it is obvious that mountain building is an instantaneous event punctuated by long intervals of time where these gradual changes we see now take place. 


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Re: The mountains are growing
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2010, 15:40:26 »
This is very difficult to verbalise.
Nothing in creation is moving, except the flows that permeate the whole substance of universe.
Those flows are one flow that spins in opposite direction, this duality provides and enables every finite point in the substance of universe to be locally uniquely orientated.
The scalar result is of fields of these circulations encircling every created local orientation.

The scalar aspect of this is difficult to envisage, as above, so below.

The flows whilst in balance allow memory to be empowered of how every finite point and groupings of same are locally organised, but the flows are not of a constant amount or content.
Our life spans are far too short, thus We cannot see the gradual effects, and when a violent effect occurs We view the consequences, not the cause.
The flows in universe are following rigid geometries of laser like structure that is in both directions at once, phase conjugate, but the result is of a seperation of the opposite spin created by the direction of the laser beam into layerings, they cannot mix as they repel each other, I consider the saturn rings display this, but the knowledge of the layerings is not accepted and thus most are blind to how it operates in geometry that then gives illusion because we view via the flows, thus the illusion of the created moving is dominant.
It is the flows in serpent like spiral pathways that are moving, and when any half of these overloads locally, forgetfullness occurs, all the finite points of any material forgets how it is arranged and so called movement is said to have occured.
All of universe is ONE substance, and it can be anything, it is everything, in all dimensions.


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Re: The mountains are growing
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2010, 03:40:46 »


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Mount Cook Rock Avalanche of 14 December 1991
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2010, 18:22:21 »

when you read about large rock falls there often appears to be a small explosion or noise that goes with them. it does not seem to be that rocks just fall they seem to explode which creates the rock fall.

the Mount Cook Rock Avalanche of 14 December 1991 was a spectacular event that has a number of unusual features. the actual top of Mount Cook fell down and was the Rock Avalanche, no real cause or trigger for the Mount Cook Rock Avalanche, the effects on the rock and how far it travelled. the Mount Cook Rock Avalanche went down from the top of Mount Cook, across over 2.5 km of the Tasman Glacier before going upwards over some land.

how does the top of a mountain fall off?

A lot of craters on other planets or moons have these similar rock avalanches where you can see material spread far and wide from the side.

i once read somewhere that there was a similar large explosion and lights/sparks before either the Mount Cook Rock Avalanche of 14 December 1991 or another event on Mount Cook.

A Note on the Mount Cook Rock Avalanche of 14 December 1991

In some ways this was an unusual event. Its vertical extent of over 2700m is large compared to most historical rock avalanches, but the fact that it originated at the highest point of land and reduced its elevation by some 10 to 20m is even more remarkable and has not been reported for any other country. Another unusual feature is the lack of a clear trigger ... There was no seismic activity in the period leading up to the failure and the weather was clear.

Most historical rock avalanches have contained boulders up several tens of meters in diameter but Chinn et al 1992 noted that abotu 40 percent of the Mount Cook rock avalanche debris was reduced to sand and silt.
A Note on the Mount Cook Rock Avalanche of 14 December 1991 |

The uplifting continues, raising Aoraki/Mount Cook an average of 7 millimetres (0.28 in) each year. However, erosive forces are also powerful shapers of the mountains. The severe weather is due to the mountain's jutting into powerful westerly winds of the Roaring Forties which run around approximately 45°S latitude, south of both Africa and Australia. The Southern Alps are the first obstacle the winds encounter after South Africa and Australia, having moved east across the Southern Ocean.


are the southern alps part of the system that creates the roaring forties? do they act like a energy sink or exchange? similar to how a heat sink works? if we removed the southern alps would the roaring forties move location or reduce or stop?