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gEUlogy - End of Phase one (Part 2)
« on: February 28, 2009, 21:36:30 »

If Everything Is Electric and it’s an Electric Universe then Geology is EU and should show signs of it.  How do you investigate something that does not appear to have been really looked at before with an EU perspective?  Geologists have done the hard work and got us the facts and figures, they have labeled stuff, you just have to ignore what they say the labels mean. Everything is an interpretation of the evidence, both what you see and what the numbers mean.  You have to look at the Earth again with new EYEs.

I don’t know how what I am looking at is formed.  If Geology is wrong then most things it says are wrong in regards to how rocks are formed etc. So start with rocks, as I can look at them but what am I looking for and how to look with new EYEs?  I didn’t know but it had to have something that would show it’s electrical or not Geology.  If I can find stuff that is not Geology then that means it is likely to be gEUlogy.  So I look for the stuff that does not make sense or is strange/weird.  As soon as I read or see those things I am interested.  If I can explain the unexplainable or at least give an alternative sensible explanation, that you can see for yourself and follow the logic, then it has a chance of being correct or, a step in the right direction.

But what the hell am I looking at and for?  I didn’t know so all I could do was just look at something.  Not as easy as it sounds.  What do you see not what do you think you see?  What do you see not what are you told you see?  You will find out what I mean when you make your gEUlogy find.
It will instantly appear to be Geology bizarre or you will miss it the first number of times you look at it. Sometimes you know that something is gEUlogy but you don’t know how or that it can be, you just feel that it is. Especially if everyone else has seen or studied it.  They can’t all be wrong or have missed it can they?  Its not that they were wrong (they might be) it’s just that they did not look at it with the same EYEs.

I can look at something or visit a place 5 times and not see what is in front of my EYEs.  Sometimes though it has to wait. I have had a lot of opportunities to visit a new area or go back to a stunning old place but did not.  Places I really wanted to visit again I would put off for some reason.  Then when I go back I find out that if I had visited before I would have not seen what I was actually looking at.  I would not have the right version EYEs for that bit of gEUlogy.

There are many examples but this last couple of weeks has been a classic case.  The Grey Rock Lines on Pembroke hill.  I don’t now think the lines themselves are the most important bit, the power points are.  But they are unlikely to be power points more discharge points.  The lines are what you spot first, they are what others can see, so to start with they are the most important part.

Iwan was one of those "I know it is EU but OMG how do I not only explain it but get some proof".  The real difficulty was the actual EU stuff itself.  The coloured Boulders.  I had been thinking about Iwan since I first saw it.  The line is EU and the rock mound matches Mobese.  But those Boulders.  Only 2 options, they were put there by man or they were EU.  Geology could not have formed them there.  But how do you prove a bunch of Boulders are related?  I knew my idea could go nowhere unless I found the proof.  But what proof when you don’t know what you are looking for?

The thing with the EU is that not only is it scaleable but ideas and findings about one thing naturally can help or influence another.  I have a MattEUs Folly idea that has slowly formed. I think I found EU evidence to help that part of the Folly and it was a marker for Iwan and the powergons/powerlines.

I could not work out how to prove the Boulders were part of Iwans paw.  So I went back to basics.  It was late in the evening, I had gone to Pembroke to look at something else to do with the lines/points and at the end was drawn to Iwan.  Only one thing for it, I sat and looked with my EYEs.  What don’t you see or what do you actually see, not what have you been told you see.
Then I spotted it.  It is so obvious.  The same thing that main part of Iwans paw had, the FUR top and the smooth triangle attached to it.  Fossil markers.  I went home and spent the evening thinking about it.  The logical follow through was if the paw had the marker then the Boulders, if they are made from the same material, should also have it.  But they look so different to each other and Iwan… the next day I went back and they were made from the same material as Iwan.  They all had the same marker, every part of Iwans paw.

1) Man had found these Boulders/slabs from lower down the hill (dug them out?) and carried them up to this bit
2) They were made by the Electric Universe
3) Other

What don’t you see?

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