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gEUlogy - End of Phase one (Part 1)
« on: February 28, 2009, 18:41:49 »
I don’t know what I am looking at.  Literally.  Everything is brand new.  I now look at Geology with Electric EYEs.  I am a gEUlogist.  The Electric Universe is simple, logical and sensible.  It does not mean it isn't incredible, mind melting, it just makes clean sense.

If Everything Is Electric then that includes our Earth and our geology.  I have started to study gEULogy in depth.  I started a few years ago.  The Electric Universe is awesome but the main focus and other peoples interest seems to be on Space stuff.  This is fine and exciting but the same issue affects me with this as it does with Astronomy.  I can do a bit of research, I can match and fit things into the EU logic, I can work things out but I can not do anything if a Scientist/Astronomer has not studied it.  I am powerless apart from investigating numbers.

gEUlogy is all around me, wherever I look.  This started as a blessing but may be a Midas Touch.  I can no longer just go to the beach, just take a walk, just enjoy a drive, it never happens anymore.  I can not sit still for a reason.  It’s a Brave nEU world.

I look at a stone and I want to know why on a Limestone island they are coloured, why most stones on a beach are multicoloured yet look like they fit together as is, why only in certain places?  Not even starting to consider the white stone beaches.  Is the Bay there because of the Sand or is the sand there because of the Bay?  Is the River there because of the Valley or is the Valley there because of the River?

gEUlogy started I guess from a very young age when nothing made sense, no matter what they told me what I saw did not seem reasonable to me.  But there was no alternative.  Either God made it or Geology did.  Still didn’t mean I believed what I was told.  Then Plasma Cosmology discovered me as it answered one of the most puzzling questions.  How can the planets give out more heat (energy) than they receive?  Especially as they have to be so old.  What creates heat and when you look at the sky at night appears to create light as they are so bright?

Then the Electric Universe got me with its gEUlogy.  How was the Grand Canyon formed?  I have seen it and the Colorado River did not do that.  The Grand Canyon goes into the ground but is formed inside a big mound, the Grand Canyon is not upwards it is downwards, miles downwards it seems. Is the River there because of the Valley or is the Valley there because of the River?  It has been EDM.  Mountains are also an EU event, simple to see as they follow the Lichtenberg Pattern.

My own personal EUreka moment was when I worked out the Gemstones were an Electric Universe event.  Others had of course got there before me but the fact that my own and the EUs simple logic follow through meant we all came to the same conclusion was confirmation.  It made simple sense.
It a theory needs an Einstein to understand something that no one else on earth has thought of and it’s so difficult for others to understand, then the theory is unlikely to be true.
When one of the Plasma Gods (Wal Thornhill) confirmed the GEMMAS idea and the follow through logic that gold, silver and other minerals are also created by a Plasma Discharge Event then the world was my oyster.

From that moment on I was a gEUlogist, I could not discover the stars but I could investigate the very earth I walked on and walked past every single day of my life.  Now wishing I could go back to the places I have been and see them refreshed and anew with my EYEs.

So it started but how and where to start?
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