Author Topic: The Birth Of Rock part 2  (Read 4876 times)


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The Birth Of Rock part 2
« on: February 26, 2009, 07:36:14 »

The Birth of Boulders/Rocks.  When investigating the Grey Rock Lines found on Pembroke Rolling Hill I came across a strange area.  It is easy to ignore it as just a lump of boulders.  Luckily the area called Iwan fitted into the rest of the area, it was a line with something at the end.  The others had big lumps or FUR but Iwan was well weird.  It followed the logic of the others but was different.  The boulders around it were not the same as each other or the main powergon. (I know it’s not a polygon as it has 3 dimensions but it sounds so good).  I was sure of the fact that these boulders were a result of the Electric Universe but how do you prove it.  There had to be something.  A few months later..... there is a lot to see and do in EU Malta so sometimes I have to leave stuff and let the subconscious work on it.

Its Pembroke time again.  The website is planned and I have taken holiday to get it sorted.  Nothing can go wrong.  I sign up with a new host, transfer over my domains and disaster.  The only site that doesn’t work for me is everythingiselectric.  Even worse the host tells me that it is very peculiar and they have not seen this issue before.  If they have not seen it and don’t know how to resolve it....
So off to Pembroke to follow up on the rock lines and back to Iwan.  I can visit a site a number of times and not see what is really there.  I sometimes think it is just me being a total retard, other people must spot this stuff straight away.  Then I finally see what I have been looking at and looking for.  I found a marker in main powergon.  The FUR top has the same marker as the flat triangle shape rock that looks slightly separated but is actually part of it.  They are the made out of the same material but the shape and rock has changed.  The Birth Of Rock.  Next day I go back and I see that all those boulders that are so different also have the same marker and BOBS your uncle.

This marker is also found nearby.  I should have visited this thing ages ago but had left it to this week.  I was going to leave it for a few months but it just felt right.  I might be able to show that EU activity produces this marker.  It fits in with another train of thought I have been having which is The Platypus Theory.
But what this idea about the marker actually means is absolutely crazy and that’s me saying it.  At the present time I believe it to be true, no matter what the implications are.  It follows the logical path that I have followed or been shown.  It might be something, it might be nothing or it might be the Birth Of Everything.

*** This will be modified slightly (check that it makes sense) as its late but I need to post it.