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The Birth Of Rock part 1
« on: February 26, 2009, 07:33:45 »
The Birth Of Rock

The Birth of Rock, Soil and Boulders (BOR, BOS and BOB) is a logical follow through in the Electric Universe.  Plasma Discharges created dust, water in the Suns atmosphere and it is believed that it also creates basically everything else in one way or another.  Gemstones for example are a classic EU creation.

The Birth Of Rock is based on the idea that rock is a variation of the process that created a Gemstone.  So most Rocks, Boulders and Stones are some form of GEMMAS (EU Gemstones or Rocks etc).  So the idea is we should be able to find "The Birth Of" somewhere on this world to back up the EU idea.  But where?  The idea of BOR, BOS and BOB makes sense.  The Plasma Universe ideas are just a logical follow through of basics.  You know it is a good idea because what you think of others have already gone down the same path.  You don’t find that happening too much in standard science.

The Birth Of Rock.  Malta is an immensely EU place.  The weather is stunningly electrical, we have thunder and lightning storms that rumble on for a week or longer (3 weeks was about the longest).  Everything about Malta shouts Plasma Discharge.  From the large to micro craters, the circular bays, the Wieds etc.  If there was one place on earth that could have signs of the birth of Rock it might be Malta.  Which would be helpful/hopeful as I am living there.

The huge problem is that Malta is a Limestone/sandstone Island, you don’t and can not (same as it HAS to be...) get granite or other types of rock.  The most I could hope for was some sort of transformed Limestone/Sandstone.  This island was fried about 3000-5000 years ago.  The dates rely on other people but the evidence that something happened seems to back it up.  The old Maltese race that built the "Temples" disappeared overnight.  Along with many other races around the world.  People puzzle over how such a small island built so many temples.  Maybe it was not so small.  There are "cart ruts" that lead off cliffs and go into and across bays.

I had read that Malta could and did not have black rock.  I found black stones and grey to black rock.

Last year I found one Type of the Birth Of Rock.  It is absolutely undeniable. 
  Its stalagmites out in the open.
I had read and also been told that in the 60s divers discovered lots of stalagmites in the Grand Harbour.  No one could explain them but no one seemed interested in it.  How could you get stalagmites in a harbour?  Then looking at other stalagmites there were problems with what I could actually see compared to what I was being told I could see.

I stumbled upon not just one but a number of them, very small but still stalagmites.  The thing was that the small area they were found in was what I had hoped they could be created from. If logic and ancient wisdom was correct.  It was in a powergon (small shape) of fried clay.  All the ancient stories say that things were made out of clay, they say that for a reason.
Even more incredible was that other types of minerals and rock were in the same powergon.   Even more beautiful but o so subtle is a few shells.  Is it just the Birth Of Rock?
It was a mind melting moment but how do you explain it to anyone else?

*** This will be modified slightly (check that it makes sense) as its late but I need to post it.
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