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Electric Eyes - 2008m11d18
« on: November 19, 2008, 04:28:55 »

I am living the craziest life.  Remember the idea about forgetting your favourite book or film so you can experience the utter joy of discovery and newness again?  Imagine that it’s not a book but the whole Universe.  Everything I look at and experience is seen, felt and thought about with new Eyes.  I am an electric man trapped in a gravity world.

Why this post now?  It’s not going to be read for months and then only by people who find there way to this exact posting in a dodgy forum.
I now have answers to some of the most puzzling questions I had always thought about and a lot I did not even know had questions.

Everything I say must sound crazy to start with.  After talking to people about things like craters, the sun and Lichtenberg mountains, all stuff that they can see for themselves, they can at least see where I am coming from.  They may not still believe how deep the rabbit hole goes but they have to admit that it might be there.

Why this blog starting now?  It should have started a few years ago when I really began the journey, just so people could follow my own mind blowing process.  The frustrations of believing that something is along the right path but not knowing how or why.  Not being able to find the information/evidence for it as you don't know what exactly you are looking. Then those stunning EUreka moments when a single random fact, image, person or idea can confirm years of thought.

Last night someone pointed out something to me so obvious that I was shocked I had not seen it.  I was so busy trying to find out the where and not the how that I did not even think about the it.  It may not be right what was said, as I have some new thinking about these electroblemes, but why had I not even thought about what was obvious in all that time?  Everything is Scaleable is the mantra.

After this innocent comment, that stopped all the work of creating the forum/website, I had to look at craters and came across Wolfe Creek Crater again.  I had seen this before but this time I had my new version of Electric Universe Eyes.  I looked at what I actually could see.  Amazing.  This then led to meteorites and the Hoba Meteorite.  Perhaps the greatest iron Meteorite of them all, from an EU point of view ;)

And where does my logic take me?  Where is the logical follow through from a solid iron “Meteorite” in Namibia?  To a Glacial Erratic boulder in Norfolk of course :)

Try telling that to someone you know.

Welcome to my crazy world.  Welcome to your Electric Universe.

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