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This is a massive surprise. After all these years the elongated skulls (dolichocephalic) of Malta that were buried and discovered at the ?al Saflieni Hypogeum are to be investigated by an Australian University and Maltese organisations.

Why an Australian Professor? Australia has a lot of Maltese immigrants. Why now? Perhaps the omnipotent power of the Catholic church is waning?

Malta's elongated skulls University project!

Mysterious ancient hypogeum skulls to be studied - Some strange theories surround the abnormally shaped skulls.

Human skulls found at the prehistoric Hal Saflieni Hypogeum are to be studied in attempt to uncover the mystery of their origin and abnormal shape.

In 1926, Temi Zammit described the skulls found at the prehistoric burial site as being “of the long variety (dolichocephalic.)”

Some thought they were from a culture that deliberately modified skulls, while others went as far as to claim they were from aliens.

Researchers from the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Malta and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia will look into their condition and origin.

The €6,000 project entitled ‘The Sentinels of Hal Saflieni, Malta: Science Facts versus Science Fiction’ will be funded by the Union Académique Internationale.

Associate Professor Ronika Power of Maquarie University, Sydney was awarded the funding and will work with curators of the National Museum of Archaeology and the Prehistoric Sites Department of Heritage Malta, the osteologist of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Malta, and international institutions.

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is a multi-level underground burial complex in Paola.

Earliest remains at the site date back to about 4000BC, and the complex was used over a span of many centuries, up to 2500 BC.
Mysterious ancient hypogeum skulls to be studied | Times of Malta

Hathor - the ecliptic band and celestial equator

Hathor Egyptian Goddess on a column at Denderah temple with braided hair

** Hathor and Isis = 2 bands of dust/debris across the sky. Hathor = fixed Celestial equator bands (earths own debris rings). Isis = moveable ecliptic (suns debris band)

These two almost interchangeable deities dwelt in the intermediate space and undertook the same basic role, that of nurturing and housing the astral kings as they danced with Earth for 3000 years

Hathor - "house of the king"

** Earths multiple bands/rings = trillions of tons of asteroids, rocks, icebergs, water droplets, gasses, sand etc and eventually the moon. replenished through the chaos/wars/thunderbolts between Mars/Venus/Moon/mercury.
** Observed clearly at night and sometimes during the day.
** Planets/suns/objects seen in the bands and between the rings as they moved across the sky.
** Hathors Hairdo - unique braided look that represents the rings/bands. Omega shape/symbol?
** Hathors names include lady of the stars, the Mother of Mothers, the celestial nurse, the golden one, mistress of turquoise, the Beautiful with numerous colours. Due to bands position in the sky, how energetic the Electric Universe was at that time etc.
** Hathor looked after the setting sun until the next day, sun would glow more red as it set especially if in the Hathor band.
Hathor seen as a mountain.

In 2019 astronomy discovered new dust bands and rings of debris around solar systems inner planets Mercury and Venus orbits - What scientists found after sifting through dust in the solar system

The dust consists of crushed-up remains from the formation of the solar system, some 4.6 billion years ago—rubble from asteroid collisions or crumbs from blazing comets. Dust is dispersed throughout the entire solar system, but it collects at grainy rings overlying the orbits of Earth and Venus, rings that can be seen with telescopes on Earth. By studying this dust—what it's made of, where it comes from, and how it moves through space—scientists seek clues to understanding the birth of planets and the composition of all that we see in the solar system.

Two recent studies report new discoveries of dust rings in the inner solar system. One study uses NASA data to outline evidence for a dust ring around the Sun at Mercury's orbit. A second study from NASA identifies the likely source of the dust ring at Venus' orbit: a group of never-before-detected asteroids co-orbiting with the planet.

They describe evidence of a fine haze of cosmic dust over Mercury's orbit, forming a ring some 9.3 million miles wide. Mercury—3,030 miles wide, just big enough for the continental United States to stretch across—wades through this vast dust trail as it circles the Sun.
What scientists found after sifting through dust in the solar system |
The Megalithic "Temples" of Malta / Re: door to the afterlife - Egypt and Malta
« Last post by kevin on January 30, 2018, 01:54:18 »

Good to be back.

Something occurred whilst I have been away.

my sister died.

it was not expected, and I dreamt of Her dying, it was a very strange dream where I went with Her through portal doorways that became ever smaller, once through We met these tall luminous beings with a stream of souls entering into light ships.
They were most perturbed at seeing Me, shouting out that I shouldn't be there been a hairy one.
They didn't know what to do saying they had no idea of how to go back through the doorways.
I said "I do".
I took a luminous being and My sister back through the doorways and suddenly was on a seafront bench at Bridlington, where We used to holiday often.
The luminous being was amazed at the sites, then my sister kissed Me and went back through the doorways with the luminous beings.

I woke thinking of the dream and how vivid it was when the phone rang, I looked at the clock to see it was three in the morning and knew it would be bad news.

My sisters husband was in tears as He told Me She had just passed minutes before.
I calmly just said "I know, she came and saw Me"

He and His daughters were amazed, and said that She always said She would come and kiss Me if She died first.

Bizzarely each doorway had a clock on top of them?????

I am a bit odd??
gEUlogy / Banded Iron Formations origin?
« Last post by electrobleme on August 17, 2017, 06:02:42 »
Origin of Banded Iron Formations?

What is the source of the material and creation of the very mysterious Banded Iron Formations?

Were they formed instantly on and in the Earths surface during electric geology events?

Is the origin of our planets iron and especially the ore deposits from recent extraterrestrial sources such as the warrior God planet Mars?

Earth is littered with extraterrestrial material, source… Mars!

The once earth-like Mars entered into hundreds of violent encounters with Earth in past millennia. These encounters saw Mars eject colossal amounts of volatiles, dust and debris out into space, including that of large rocks, boulders and stones. All this and more was swallowed up by Earth and now forms a good portion of Earth’s sediments and sedimentary rocks including that of sandstone, limestone, shale, chalk, etc., – all washed around the globe courtesy of Martian water (in some regions causing rapid fossilization). Thought to be indigenous, earth’s crust comprises tons of material whose origin lies with the god of war, Mars.

Included in this celestial deluge were vast clouds of iron and silica – the primary source of BIFs.
Extraterrestrial Banded Iron Formations | God King Scenario
The Thunderbolts Project EU 2017 conference (Electric Universe theory) is from 17 August - 20 August.
The gathering is at the Sheraton Mesa Hotel in Wrigleyville West, Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America.

If you can not be there then you can watch the videos from September for around $30 for one year.

The team will be speaking (Wallace Thornhill, Dave Talbott, Don Scott, C J Ransom etc) but a lot of other topics of interest will be presented including:

Gerald Pollack: Weather and EZ Water - An Intimate Role of Separated Charge
Eileen McKusick: Human Bioelectricity and the EU Model
Jacqueline Greenfield: The Electric Activity in the Plasma of Living Cells
Jerry Tennant: Healing as Voltage: The Physics of Emotions
Andrew Fitts: Mankind in Amnesia
Andy Hall: Electric Earth
Peter Jupp: Instant Fossilization

Edwin Kaal will also be making a presentation on his ideas for a new model of the atom ... The Proton-Electron Atom - A Proposal for a Structured Atomic Model

Norfolk n good / Shrieking Pits, Norfolk mythology
« Last post by electrobleme on June 09, 2017, 23:56:50 »
Shrieking Pits, Aylmerton, Norfolk
Local newspaper article on the Shrieking Pits, Aylmerton, Norfolk folklore. There is also a 1 minute youtube video explaining the local Norfolk mythology of these strange holes.

It’s a lament said to travel across the centuries, a shriek that rips through time to tell the tale of a woman who loved and lost and whose spirit wanders in North Norfolk, restlessly searching for the baby murdered by her jealous husband.

Past the picture-perfect corn and poppy fields close to Aylmerton, Runton, Beeston Regis and Weybourne are shallow pits in the ground, once thought to be prehistoric dwellings but now known to be early medieval in origin and created by digging for iron ore to be used in smelting.

Three miles from Cromer, five such pits are visible in Aylmerton in the wooded slopes close to the Gresham Cross, close to the pilgrims’ path which heads towards the holy shrines at Walsingham– these are known locally as the Shrieking Pits.

Folklore tells of a ghostly figure wearing white that haunts the pits, weeping and wailing as she walks between each pit, endlessly searching the depressions in the ground, looking for her baby. The child was killed by her husband who was convinced the baby wasn’t his and, after he had buried the infant in the pit west of Aylmerton church, he went back and killed his wife.

Tall and willowy, the woman is seen wringing her hands and uttering piercing cries as she searches the pits: she has been seen during the day, at dusk and at night time and those that encounter her remark on her heartbreaking cries for her lost child.

The same apparition, the ghost of a woman in a ‘winding sheet’ is said to rise out of the ground and roam the ‘hills and holes’ of the Weybourne area, where some believe the pits were made by Oliver Cromwell when he destroyed the village’s priory.

At nearby North Repps, just south of the wonderfully-named Hungry Hill, is a track which leads to several tree-shrouded and water-filled hollows which also bear the name of the Shrieking Pits, this time named for another wailing woman, whose change of heart after a suicide attempt fell on deaf ears.

It is said that at midnight on February 24, the spirit of a village girl named Esmeralda appears between the veil of the living and the dead. At the age of 17, Esmeralda had fallen in love with a wealthy but untrustworthy young farmer who conducted a secret relationship with her behind his wife’s back.

The local vicar discovered the affair and ordered them to draw it to a close – the farmer skulked back to his wife and, without word from her sweetheart, Esmeralda’s heart broke and she drifted into misery and depression, unable to forget her love.

On a frosty February night, she was wandering the lanes close to the village when she came upon the pit and, in a moment of desperation, she threw herself in. Almost immediately, she regretted her hasty decision and called for help – but none came and she perished. Her desperate screams can still, it is said, be heard on February 24, adding an extra chill to a winter’s night.

Further tales suggest that an entire horse and cart have been swallowed by the North Repps pool and another source claimed the pits were to the west of the village in a wooded area called Grave Holes and that the wailing heard from the pits was connected to “old sea kings” (or Vikings) and where they buried their heroes.
The shrieking pits of Aylmerton and Northrepps | EDP

Plato's Atlantis civilisation destroyed the same as Malta's Temple Builders

What did happen to the amazing ancient Malta and Gozo civilisation that built the monstrous frees standing stone buildings that are called megalithic temples?

How could and did such an advanced race of people totally disappear with no record?

Are the remaining temples found on the islands of Malta and Gozo, the complete loss of the Temple Builders, the destruction and loss of land, be evidence that the islands of Malta may have been destroyed or had a catastrophe, the same as suffered by Plato's island of Atlantis?

Finally, there is Malta. Malta has the most ancient temples in the Mediterranean area, and Malta’s culture was destroyed by a tsunami and earthquake.
Does New Theory Pinpoint Lost City of Atlantis? | National Geographic
Malta, Thera and Crete are possible Mediterranean sea locations for Atlantis

What locations in the Mediterranean sea might be the possible locations for Plato's island of Atlantis? The ancient islands of Malta, Thera and Crete are in that list.

Malta has huge ancient structures that are now dated as 9000 years old or older and are said by orthodox archaeologists to be the oldest stone ruins in the world. Malta is now a small rocky island that once had elephants and shows evidence of having been destroyed in a huge cataclysmic wave. Joseph Ellul and others have proposed that Malta was part of a great civilization of the past, possibly Atlantis. Malta was probably connected to other parts of the Mediterranean when a huge wave from the Atlantic filled the Mediterranean, causing the Biblical Flood. Was Malta Atlantis? The island is far too small to have been Atlantis, but it shows that the Mediterranean was a very different place 12,000 years ago.

According to the tourist literature in Greece, the explosion of the Aegean island of Thera destroyed Crete and at the same time, Atlantis. While Plato is quite explicit in his time frame and location for Atlantis (9,400 B.C. and in the Atlantic), Greek archaeologists seem certain that Atlantis can be found only a few hundred miles from Athens. Thousands of tourists come to Thera every year and drink the local Atlantis wine while they discuss Atlantis. For them, Atlantis will never be found anywhere else.
Top 10 possible locations for Atlantis | bibliotecapleyades
Was Malta the island of Atlantis as Plato described in Timaeus?

Another article on the idea that the Maltese islands of Malta and Gozo could be a good possible location for Plato's island of Atlantis.

The incredible mysterious history of the Maltese islands, that has been wiped out by some means as there is no survivors or living ancient race of Maltese, may be a smoking gun of evidence that the islands were once an important and advanced civilsation of Temple Builders that was catastrophically destroyed.

The only real known historical sources take us back to ancient Greek times, where the famous philosopher Plato had written about this iconic city in one of his renowned works called the ‘Timaeus’.

In this dialogue we find one of the characters, Critias who says to Socrates: “But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.”

Experts who believe in this ancient city’s existence thus agree with Plato and claim that the eradication of this city was indeed due to a tsunami.

So why would Malta possibly be the perfect candidate?

First of all, as many of us already know, Malta was not always an island, and we have ample archaeological evidence to support this argument.

Archaeologists had discovered huge animal fossils, such as those of elephants, bears, reindeers and more, in places like Ghar Dalam, and this therefore shows that Malta must have been much bigger to have been able to provide such large animals with enough water and food. Therefore, Malta too had been destroyed by a huge calamitous wave.

Secondly, Malta bears ancient structures that date back to over 9000 years ago, even claimed to be the oldest ruins in the world by many orthodox archaeologists. It is hence not much of a mystery why Malta might be thought of having been part of the alleged city of Atlantis!
Is Malta the Lost City of Atlantis? | Simon Mamo
Were the Atlantis (Atlantika, Atlantide) islands Malta, Gozo, Filfla and Comino?

The geological history of Malta seems to bear witness to catastrophism, for example cart ruts leading of cliffs. There is also the mythology or folklore of catastrophe events occurring with the creation of the island of Filfla from the Il-Maqluba crater and also Tas-Salvatur Hill (the Saviours Hill) also known as  Qolla Tal-Merzuq (Ray of Light hill) on the island of Gozo.

There are also no original people from any ancient era of the Maltese islands. No original folklore, mythology from the Temple Builders era. It is as if all those living on the islands of Malta were wiped out by some sort of catastrophe event.

The island also has an incredible amount of megalithic temples for such a tiny island.

Could Plato's island of Atlantis, Atlantika, Atlantide, be the islands of Malta?

It is said that thousands of years ago a sequential number of cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions crushed a chain of mountains that once joined Europe and Africa together (Pillars of Herculis). The ocean water disintegrated the lower land that once existed under the Mediterranean Sea.

By time, the ocean water settled and the Mediterranean Sea was created. Obviously, the higher land survived the floods and several islands were formed. Thus, this new basin which came into being and which separated the two great continents became an arena of warfare and conflicts among the powerful maritime nations.

This great catastrophe separated Malta and Gozo from the mainland and, thus, the Maltese islands were formed. Now, according to Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, another catastrophic eruption occurred and the island of Atlantikos (the mother land) was submerged under the sea in the span of a single day and night.

... Fortunately, the theory that the Maltese islands in ancient times formed part of a larger island known as Atlantide is gaining acceptance among world-renowned scholars and researchers on this subject. The fact that on the Maltese islands we find several ancient temples (Il-Ggantija, l-Imnajdra, Hagar Qim) and the Hypogeum at Tarxien, proves that these ancient remains are more than a mere evidence that an advanced technological civilisation settled in Malta about 8,000 years ago.

But more than that, the fact that Malta is not so distant from Greece and that the Maltese islands together with the volcanic islands of Pantalleria and Lampedusa fall exactly into the description given by Plato, shows that these islands are part of the skeleton of the country left floating in the central Mediterranean to bear witness of Atlantis.

There are those who think that if this theory is proved scientifically then Malta can surely be referred to as the cradle of civilisation. At the same time, however, it will be a great challenge to local historians to rewrite and update our prehistory.
Is Malta really part of Atlantis? | Times of Malta

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