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Title: Abandonment and Charcoal Catastrophe
Post by: electrobleme on June 30, 2009, 18:38:19
One of the greatest puzzles is the mass abandonment of civilised areas, temples, buildings, land by peoples in the past. Societies who had built up complex habitations suddenly left them. This occured around the world, from South America to Europe. It has happened a few times.

Was it due to sea levels rising/falling or changes in the worlds environment. What could cause see levels to keep rising and falling and the weather to change so much in an area? If the weather is a global electrical circuit then any changes in the power or current may be able to change the conditions. If water is created or produced in an Electrical Universe then this may help explain it.

Layers of charcoal are found around the world. Could this have been caused by a Plasma Discharge Event affecting the earth or could it be produced naturally?

One thing to note is that the areas seemed to change ecology overnight. Wet places becoming very very dry. For example Egypt and the Argaric peoples area in Spain.

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Title: Abandonment and Charcoal Catastrophe: Argaric Culture - Andalucia, Spain
Post by: electrobleme on June 30, 2009, 18:43:32

Mystery surrounded the fall of the Bronze Age Argaric people in south-east Spain - Europe's driest area...

The Argaric culture emerged in south-eastern Spain 4,300 years ago. This civilisation, which inhabited small fortified towns, was one of the first in Western Europe to adopt bronze working.
But about 3,600 years ago, the culture mysteriously vanished from the archaeological record...

Before the appearance of the Argaric civilisation, the slopes of Sierra de Baza were covered with a diverse forest dominated by deciduous oaks and other broad-leaved trees.

High mountain site in the Sierra de Baza. Image: Jose Carrion.
The area's tree cover was rapidly removed
But about 4,200 years ago - just after this civilisation emerges - significant amounts of charcoal appear in the pollen sequence. According to the study's authors, this is a sign Bronze Age people were setting fires to clear the forests for mining activities and grazing.

Not long afterwards, about 3,900 years ago, the diverse forest ecosystem disappears, to be replaced by monotonous and fire-prone Mediterranean scrub.

What astonished the researchers was the speed of this change. This ecological transformation is very abrupt, appearing to have taken place in little more than a decade.

About 300 years after this ecological transformation, the Argaric civilisation disappeared.
BBC news | Eco-ruin 'felled early society'  (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7093685.stm)