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Title: Waitapu Valley (Maunganui Bluff) Solar Observatory complex
Post by: electrobleme on September 04, 2010, 00:57:34
Waitapu Valley (Maunganui Bluff) Solar Observatory complex

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observatory-megaliths-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observatory-megaliths.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-maunganui-bluff-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-maunganui-bluff.jpg)
Waitapu Valley (Maunganui Bluff) Solar Observatory complex, New Zealand

In the wonderful shaped Waitapu Valley there appears to be an ancient Solar Observatory complex. Using megaliths (standing stones), markers, cairns and horizon astronomy the natural landscape has been used and sometimes terraformed to make it a perfect natural solar observation complex.

links below explain the whole Waitapu Valley (Maunganui Bluff) Solar Observatory complex a bit more
WAITAPU VALLEY OF NORTHLAND, NEW ZEALAND | celticnz.co.nz (http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Waitapu_Valley/Waitapu1.htm)
ANCIENT NEW ZEALAND SURVEYORS & ASTRONOMERS | celticnz.co.nz (http://www.celticnz.co.nz/SurveyorsNZ/Ancient%20New%20Zealand%20Surveyors.htm)
Waitapu Valley astronomical observatory | everythingiselectric.com (http://www.everythingiselectric.com/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observatory.html)
how old are humans? | forum (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=195.msg998#msg998)

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observation-complex-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observation-complex.jpg)  (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-maunganui-bluff-ridge-hill-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-maunganui-bluff-ridge-hill.jpg)
Waitapu Valley Solar Observatory complex coastline and cliffs, New Zealand

Waitapu Valley is a flat oasis in this part of New Zealands North Island and you can see why it was chosen to be used as a Solar Observatory. Maunganui Bluff is part of the complex and is found at the end of Waitapu Valley on the cliff face.

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-ridge-puketapu-hill-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-ridge-puketapu-hill.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observatory-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-solar-observatory.jpg)
Waitapu Valley geology, North Island New Zealand and Puketapu hill

the Waitapu Valley geology is very interesting as you have such a variation within a small area. You have the ridge and cliffs of the coastline. The ridge leads towards Puketapu hill which is part of the Solar Observatory complex and has lots and lots of cairns, pits on the top and fallen standing stones.

the red soil of cliff is also interesting in an Electric Universe geology earth

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/maunganui-bluff-menhirs-standing-stones-tower.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/maunganui-bluff-menhirs-standing-stones.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-megalithics-standing-stones-tower.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-megalithics-standing-stones.jpg)
Waitapu Valley megalithics (menhirs or standing stones)

(http://www.everythingiselectric.com/images/solarobservatory/Maunganui-Bluff-Waitapu-Valley-Megaliths-Standing-Stones-banner.jpg) (http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Waitapu_Valley/Waitapu1.htm)
Waitapu-Valley (Maunganui Bluff) Megaliths (Standing Stones), New Zealand

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-cairns-maunganui-bluff-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-cairns-maunganui-bluff.jpg)
Puketapu hill with its cairns and Maunganui Bluff circled in red

This is a view from the very special Puketapu hill with its amazing top full of cairns. The sides of Waitapu Valley can be seen and from here there is a clear sight of Maunganui Bluff. Along the road to Puketapu hill (on your left) in the fields at the side are some very large stone circles (large in area but small stones)

Title: stone circle - Waitapu Valley, New Zealand
Post by: electrobleme on September 04, 2010, 01:08:37
stone circle - Waitapu Valley, New Zealand

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/megaliths-standing-stones-circle-waitapu-valley-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/megaliths-standing-stones-circle-waitapu-valley.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-stone-circle-location-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-stone-circle-location.jpg)
Waitapu Valley - stone circle New Zealand standing stones (megaliths)

There are lots of standing stones and marker stones in the Waitapu Valley. On the cliff edge (the opposite side of Maunganui Bluff and highlighted in red above) there is a very small stone circle. This is near the top of the cliff.

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-new-zealand-stone-circle-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-new-zealand-stone-circle.jpg)
Waitapu Valley New Zealand stone circles

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-ancient-marker-stones-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/waitapu-valley-ancient-marker-stones.jpg)
New Zealand stone circle at Waitapu Valley near Maunganui Bluff

Title: Puketapu hill - stone circles and cairns
Post by: electrobleme on September 04, 2010, 03:23:35
Puketapu hill - stone circles and cairns

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-astronomical-complex.jpg) (http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Waitapu_Valley/Waitapu1.htm)
Puketapu hill astronomical complex - beside Waitapu Valley

Puketapu hill, which was once a major centre of astronomical and land mapping endeavours. The hill has many cairn and standing stone markers orientating out to the 4-points of the compass. (Photo by Brendon).

1. This mountain peak is on the northern side of the Hokianga Harbour (Pungaru) and is the most targeted northern mountain from many marked alignments of the Maunganui Bluff region.

2. This lower plateau site at Puketapu hill has a huge hubstone boulder sitting as an interim position between the northern mountain and the central summit of Maunganui Bluff. The plateau has several peripheral cairn and standing stone markers, which clearly indicate alignments toward identifiable distant locations by the manner in which outlying markers relate back to the huge, central hubstone.

3. This is the plateau that has a large cairn observatory spread over it. Based upon a partial, compass survey undertaken in 1997 we drew the positions of some 150 cairns, but estimate the number to be in excess of 200. The cairn markers are set out symmetrically.

4. This is the summit of the hill and has 8 sighting pits (some now faint) which orientate toward Maunganui Bluff and a high seaward hill on the northern side of the Waitapu Valley.

5. In the slight saddle depression of the hill are a cluster of cairns and some boulder markers. This area was a junction for overland alignments.

6. The huge buttress rock measuring about 12 feet square and visible for many miles. Its position high on the hill made it an obligatory marker. Very near to it on the summit is the boulder line, which marks the intersection of the 11520 feet per side equilateral triangle. The line of boulders redirects the triangle intersection toward the southern hubstone of the Waitapu Observatory.

7. Down the ESE face are a number of cairns that face in the direction of the tor mound hump of the Waitapu Valley's northern ridge. Although GPS fixes are yet to be completed on their positions, one of these cairn markers, undoubtedly resides at 12960 feet from and due north of the benchmark cleft on the Waitapu Valley's sea cliff. This number relates to the precession of the equinoxes (½ value), which was anciently set at 25920-years. It is also a number much used in ancient navigational mathematics, wherein on the circumference of a circle generated by one league of diameter, 12960 feet was 90-degrees of arc or one quadrant. Another marker will, predictably, relate to a position 11520 feet due north of the Waitapu Observatory's southern hubstone.
Waitapu Valley | celticnz.co.nz (http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Waitapu_Valley/Waitapu1.htm)

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-cairns-waitapu-valley-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-cairns-waitapu-valley.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-stone-cairns-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-stone-cairns.jpg)
Puketapu hill - ancient stone cairns - solar observatory complex

Puketapu hill is part of the Waitapu Valley astronomical observatory complex

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-stone-circles-new-zealand-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-stone-circles-new-zealand.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/new-zealand-ancient-megalithics-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/new-zealand-ancient-megalithics.jpg)
Puketapu hill in the distant - stone circles in the fields on the left

Puketapu hill has stone circles on the road to it and cairns and stone markers on the top - lots of stone markers and other stuff.

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-cairns-maunganui-bluff-banner.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/new-zealand/puketapu-hill-cairns-maunganui-bluff.jpg)
Puketapu hill, Northland, New Zealand - Maunganui Bluff in the distant

Everything Is Eletric article on Puketapu hill (http://www.everythingiselectric.com/new-zealand/landscape-archaeology-puketapu-hill.html) and horizon astronomy and Landscape archaeology