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Title: ** Registration/membership of the forum requires approval **
Post by: electrobleme on February 09, 2010, 18:45:00
To register for an account, so you can post and join the DIScussion, will require approval after you have submitted your username details. This should occur within a day but may take up to 48 hours. When you have been approved you will be sent an email informing you of this. You may need to look at your "junk" folder incase it is redirected there by your mail system.

** Important, the email will not be from the forum URL but from a personal email address and the subject title will be "Welcome XXXX to the Everything Is Electric forum" **

If you want to join or reply to a DIScussion urgently you can always go to the chat room (http://www.everythingiselectric.com/room2chat/home.html) and post a message there saying you have joined up today.

You can always contact me on the  chat (http://www.everythingiselectric.com/room2chat/home.html) if you have any registration issues or questions.