EU conference 2018 in UK

An Electric Universe theory conference is being held in Europe (England, UK) in 2018. An interesting combination of different segments will be held over 5 days from 27 June to 1 July 2018.

Not only is this new type of format exciting, the best bit is perhaps that it is not based in London but the various modules (talks, workshops, EU theory experiments, electric geology tour) are located in the wonderful county of Somerset - in the delightful Roman town of Bath and also near the Quantock hills.

More details of prices, accommodation, speakers will be posted or updated as they are released.

electric universe theory conference uk 2018 england europe bath thunderbolts

While the knowledge gained from the presentations will always be good the real value for money and opportunity to learn important stuff that relates to your interests will be the apres-ski. The opportunity to discuss yours and other peoples ideas during the breaks and in the evenings during meals or with a nice warm pint of English beer, is where your universe is usually expanded.

With the location of the mini conferences in the United Kingdom there should be a strong attendance from the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies members. SIS have been investigating, discussing and arguing about Immanuel Velikovsky, new chronology, comparative mythology and what is now the EU theory, since Worlds in Collision.

Electric Universe UK2018 conference details

27 and 28 June 2018 are the dates in Bath for the Thunderbolts Project approved UK Electric Universe theory conference, similar in format to the previous American EU meetings. At the moment speakers include Wallace Thornhill, Monty Childs, Robert Temple, Adrian Gilbert etc.

One of the highlights has to be what sort of Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields will Rupert Sheldrake bring to the meeting.

29 June is the Electric Universe geology tour with various options including the EU Cheddar Gorge formation.

30 June and 1 July is the workshop part of the assembly including electric experiments. This will be near Taunton and if the English weather is kind enough will include astronomy in the evenings and night.