• Io and Jupiter electrically surging, apparently without the Sun triggering the switch.

    What sort of electrical circuit and components could they be?

    It’s almost like it’s an Electric Universe!

    “Intense emission appears from the polar cap region down to latitudes around Io’s footprint aurora, suggesting a rapid energy input into the polar region by the internal plasma circulation process.”

  • How important is this news about the Suns plasma and the electromagnetic sunspots?

    What does it actually mean for science theory and the EU theory?

    “the team could identify what elements were present in the corona. Typically, the abundance of some of these atoms in the corona is greater than at the sun’s surface. But not so in these recent observations. The mix of material in the corona was more similar to the mix seen at the solar surface.”

  • Could some small simple fossils that are fibonacci spiral shells be created by an electromagnetic event?

    Especially when they are found in large groups or spread at in a single thin line at regular intervals like nodes in a wavelength?

    • This sort of spirals are used in water dynamizer technology.The water has a very distinct taste, like it has some sort of electric charge. Victor Schauber was the pioneer in this field … all his works is associated with vortex / implosion technology.

  • If you are a follower of the electric universe theory what was the thing that got you interested in it or made you realise that there was an alternative to a gravity universe?

    Mine was reading that planets give out more energy than they receive from the sun – that they could be batteries/capacitors or electromagnetic motors in a solar system circuit

  • wow, thanks for posting that.

    more like a deflector shield or diffusing, damper field? but still amazing use of plasma.

    could natural plasma divert light and stuff to create things like “einstein’s cross”?

    what else could plasma do in space?

  • Breadbelly

    Do the stars in the galaxy rotate round the spiral arms in sink?
    Do spiral arms collide? Or move relevant to each other?
    Does one side of the galaxy rotate faster then the other?

    • What would it mean if stars did rotate in the opposite direction to the spiral arm?

      Do galaxy arms spin? It makes sense if they do but in our short time obsverving them do we have enough data to confirm they spin? Or is it a red shift thing? Or is it obvious they do and have to by their shape?

      Hubble Reveals “Backwards” Spiral Galaxy http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2002/03
      Astronomers have found a spiral galaxy that may be spinning to the beat of a different cosmic drummer. To the surprise of astronomers, the galaxy, called NGC 4622, appears to be rotating in the opposite direction to what they expected.

      Why are astronomers surprised about the galaxy’s clockwise rotation?
      Astronomers are puzzled by the clockwise rotation because of the direction the outer spiral arms are pointing. Most spiral galaxies have arms of gas and stars that trail behind as they turn. But this galaxy appears to have two “leading” outer arms that point toward the direction of the galaxy’s clockwise rotation. To add to the conundrum, NGC 4622 also has a “trailing” inner arm that is wrapped around the galaxy in the opposite direction it is rotating. Based on galaxy simulations, a team of astronomers had expected that the galaxy was turning counterclockwise.

  • fascinating stuff, so much to investigate, thanks for that link.

    You might be interested in this book “The Fourth Phase Of Water” http://www.thunder-stuff.com/product/the-fourth-phase-of-water-paperback/

    which investigates water as a sort of plasma “have discovered that water is NOT always H2O. When touching most
    surfaces, water transforms itself into so‐called Exclusion Zone (EZ)
    water, whose formula is H3O2. EZ water differs in all respects from H2O.
    And, there is a lot of it, everywhere.”

    You might also be very interested in the blacklight power company as a sort of ‘free energy’ thing http://www.blacklightpower.com/ as they seem to be creating electrical power from water – Wallace Thornhill mentions them as one to watch

  • As this is a discussion and ideas page I would like to introduce everyone to http://www.GodElectric.org . Here we have deciphered the hieroglyphs for positive and negative charge, providing proof that Egyptology is all about electricity and the flow of negative charge in space. Evidence of this is visible in the form of the Ra-Horakhty papyrus ( http://www.GodElectric.org/horus ) where the partially ionized plasma of a candle flame is shown in the electric field supporting the Sun. You will need to approach the subject with an open mind and forget the consensus paradigm that is mainstream Egyptology. As an introduction it is the female deities that show the flow of negative charge in space, while the male deities are predominantly the protective elements, dimensions and forces.

    • The Dendera Temple (Temple of Hathor) and the infamous Dendera Lightbulb seem to show something in an Electric Universe.

      How much did the ancient Egyptians know and use electromagnetic/plasma processes?


      • At GodElectric we have deciphered the hieroglyphs understanding that special characteristics of the plants and animals reflect special attributes of the Electric Universe. For example with the Dendera light bulb you have many important features that combine to explain its function. The special characteristic of the resting snake is absorption, as the Snake is an ectotherm animal it absorbs energy when it is resting. The snake is contained in an area attached to the lotus flower meaning this is the area absorbing light. Lotus flowers have petals that beautify the dark, as they sink underwater much like light in the dark of space. The Djed column is the regenerative power supporting this light and is explained infurther detail as the dielectric. See here ( http://www.GodElectric.org/djed )

        At GodElectric we believe that the hieroglyphs are from God, an entity in the universe that has maintained life on Earth without which we would not be here today. When the hieroglyphs are understood this way, as logograms that explain the electric universe, they explain how life on Earth has been supported using pyramids as electric discharge points.

  • if it is an electric universe then what happens when we die?
    what happens to ‘us’?
    what happens to your knowledge and information?

    is information or ‘you’ stored in some electromagnetic form?

  • Drake Dorosh

    There is a channel on YouTube where in the comments “Mr. Teslonian” discusses the idea of a space ship that “rides the lighting “. In a recent Space News from EU Dr. Michael Clarage discusses charge separation in space. 300 megavolts to space and 600 more volts to the sun. The Planetarty society last year launched a new kind of space craft called a solar sail. Rather than being powered by charge separation, in was accelerated by “photons”.
    Is there any way to move through a Birkland Current? A way to move with or against a charge gradient? If there is then I’d like to know more about it.
    I had my own fantasy about such a thing during a show on Roswell when “they were just found to be weather ballons”. What if, I imagined, these balloons were more complex than one layer, what if they were chambered with coatings and circuitry? What if an inner chamber/balloon was charged like a Vandergraaf sphere, oscillating in some configuration like a rail gun or tracer lights in a marquee? What would an electric space ship look like?
    Ionic rockets are not the same thing. They are Newtonian. Equal and opposite. An electronic craft pulls on the charge gradient like a swimmer or a rope climber. If it can be imagined, it can be built.

  • The top image is a ‘Marklund convection’ diagram (seems to show the sorting of chemical elements in a plasma Birkeland current) http://www.everythingselectric.com/marklund-convection/.

    The bottom image is the south pole of Jupiter https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016/03/14/thermal-axes-2/

    They might just be similar looking and no relationship whatsoever.

  • Monty Childs needs to practice saying “NU-CLEAR”. Practice until he gets it right, even if he struggles during speaking – just take the time to get it right. We’ll all appreciate it.

  • Virus stole poison genes from black widow spider http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-37632616

    “In a very unusual case of genetic theft, a virus has been caught with a gene that codes for the poison of black widow spiders. The chunks of arachnid DNA were probably stolen by the virus to help it punch through animal cells.

    But its target is not the animal itself – the WO virus only infects bacteria living within insects and spiders. It was a surprise because bacterial viruses were generally thought to steal DNA only from bacteria.”

    Did a virus borrow a precise bit of DNA from black widow spiders?

    Was it naturally engineered to have the latrotoxin gene (Morphic/electromagnetic fields type thing?

    Did the virus access natural universal information for what it needed to be successful and create more of its own life forms?

    Does life use appropriate gene/DNA building blocks so more life will be found to use genetic traits that are, at the moment, labelled as belonging to a certain life form?

    Just the wonders of evolution?

  • How old or young are:

    * Humans
    * The first human civilisation
    * Planet Earth
    * The moon
    * Planet Venus
    * Our solar system

  • Mannerless colony slob

    Plasma cosmology has many things right, but by still subscribing to the nuke core sun they may be wrong, the Electric universe theory just got a major shot in the arm by the Safire Project a 3rd party has recreated the sun in the laboratory! They have found that the sun and all stars are a plasma glow discharge. I made a few videos on the subject on youtube, I definitely do agree with plasma cosmology up until the way stars function. I am not advertising for myself but I do wish to share information with people to perhaps grasp a different insight and maybe help me glean one by all means feel free to visit, watch, and comment on it. Some plasma universe is in it too. Just search on youtube for cosmology 101 for layman by Greg Jay