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    Plasma mineral and diamond pipes

    pipes diamond lamproite kimberlite breccia formation

    Does this diveflyfish experiment show one possible plasma geology explanation for diamond producing lamproite pipes, kimberlite pipes and other types of pipes such as breccia pipes? Plasma pipe experiment Quartz pipes and mineral pipes The Argyle AK1 Pipe (lamproite pipes) is mined for diamonds. Other mineral pipes seem to produce or be the origin for […]

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    Gaia Electric Universe theory EU

    If Gaia, the idea of everything in a world being connected and part of a feedback system, then how would even one human or one life form on a ‘dead’ planet effect that planet? Would one electromagnetic life have virtually zero effect on that planets electromagnetic signature? Or like a sun grazer comet could it […]

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    Plasma discharge EMountains

    diveflyfish electric universe geology plasma discharge mountains experiments

    A plasma arc discharge experiment creating raised mountains in the classic Lichtenberg discharge pattern. Plasma arc mountains Is the dendritic pattern of mountains uplifted, raised, pulled up by a massive Electric Universe plasma arc discharge? Or for planet size mountain building does the electromagnetic effect the material that is already there, perhaps the mountains or […]

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    Lamproite barramundi

    Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe

    The Argyle diamond pipe is what geology calls a lamproite pipe or a lamproite volcanic pipe. Most diamond mines are located on a kimberlite pipe. The Argyle diamond mine pipe is also the reverse of kimberlite diamond pipes, it has low grade diamonds but the lamproite diamondiferous ore has the highest density of these diamonds […]

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    Tutankhamun killed by meteorites?

    Tutankhamun Tutenkh-amen Tutenkhamen Electric Universe theory mythology

    Was Tutankhamun killed by meteorites? Or by an increase in heavenly and planetary chaos that may have resulted in more asteroids near Earth and more meteorites striking the planet? If the main purpose of a Phoarohs reign was to bring order out of chaos or maintain heavenly and Earthy peace then would they lose their […]

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    Plasma transforming limestone into quartz?

    diveflyfish plasma electric geology experiments

    This diveflyfish video of his EU geology experiment plasma melting pumice shows the low power (wattage) needed to melt pumice into a natural glass like substance using an electric/plasma discharge arc. Malta quartz from limestone Could a similar experiment also turn limestone into quartz? Similar to the quartz found in the entrance stone to Malta’s […]

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    Sandstone arches

    Why does the Utah area have so many natural arches, especially sandstone arches? Zion Canyon and the Zion National Park seems to have a few natural arches made of and into the red Navajo Sandstone. There are so many natural rock arches in one area they called it the Arches National Park. Arches contains the […]

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    A Hathor rose by any other name …

    Hathors epithets titles names menat necklace

    Hathors epithets or titles are numerous and very varied, so much that she was called The great one of many names What do they all mean? What do some of them actually represent? What was Hathor? If she was not just a suckling cow goddess in the mad pantheon of ancient Egypt mythology but was […]

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    The Narrows – Zion Canyon

    Zion Narrows Zion Canyon

    The Narrows in Zion Canyon are a 16 mile section with some very deep parts of the gorge up to 2000 feet (600 meters) but with a width from red Navajo Sandstone cliff face to cliff face that can be as small as 20 feet (6 meters). Some parts of it are a true slot […]

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    Zion Canyon

    zion canyon geology mystery

    Zion Canyon Utah USA is a very deep but narrow canyon in red Navajo Sandstone rock, with big wall climbs […]

    Tutankhamun and Earthly Heavenly God Kings

    Tutankhamun god kings

    If Pharaohs were considered as Earthly God Kings who represented or were the double (KA) of their planet or phenomenon […]

    Red Mountain cinder cone, USA

    The Red Mountain cinder cone near Flagstaff USA is a geology puzzle and has geological features including: U shaped cinder […]

    Pitchstone monadnock

    pitchstone inselberg sgurr geology

    A spectacular pitchstone ridge on the Isle of Eigg Scotland, rises out of the surrounding small islands landscape. Sgurr, which […]

    Hathor and ancient Egyptian tattoos

    Hathor tattoo Egyptian designs tattooing ancient

    Goddess Hathor, the strange cow featured deity of ancient Egypt, appears to also be linked to Egyptian tattoos. Her artisan […]