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    Lava coils and magma transformers?

    magma what is it

    These molten magma ropes look almost like coils around a wire as used in transformers and other electrical components and circuits. These lava rope like structures known as pāhoehoe (pahoehoe) are from volcano’s. Could lava sometimes naturally create an electromagnetic coil and/or step up or step down transformers and other energy mutation mechanics? The magnetic […]

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    The instability of Peratt’s column?

    axis mundi Anthony Peratt column

    Anthony Peratt’s work on plasma instabilities and the special type of rock carvings known as petroglyphs – similar crazy psychedelic images chipped into rock around the world at the same time – has been used by the EU theory as potential evidence and explanation to help work out what might have happened in our past. […]

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    Is Larry a mammoth evolutionary step?

    Larry mammoth Columbian

    Is Larry the odd tusked mammoth: An evolutionary step of the mammoth Just a juvenile large mammoth or deformed mammoth Evidence of electromagnetic evolution Evidence of ultra quick evolution The mammoth fossil found has 2 tusks but each individual one seems at first discovery glance to come from a different type of mammoth. The size […]

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    Tour day 6: plasma petroglyphs

    petroglyphs sun saturn plasma discharge

    The geology tour around the Grand Canyon area entered its last day with the promise of viewing petroglyphs. Is there an unexplainable thing potentially more explained by plasma comparative mythology? An early start to try to avoid the immense heat of the day that the rest of the tour had enjoyed/endured, a decent walk beside […]

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    Wilpena Pounded by shock waves?

    Wilpena Pound cymatics

    For those interested in electromagnetic geology the Wilpena Pound in Australia is a mightily impressive and interesting geological feature. Looking at Wilpena Pound in the large scale and the Flinders mountain range it is part of, they curve sharply in what looks like impossible geology. But what does this strange ridged natural amphitheatre and the […]

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    Is chronology revisionism now outdated?

    Chronological Revisionism chronology revisionist

    Is chronology revisionism, the investigation to try to get a correct date line for history, now past its sell by date, is it now outdated? Various ancient civilisations history do not seem to co-ordinate well, with gaps, Dark Ages, and seemingly repetition of rulers and events. Old and new findings can seem to not fit […]

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    Steady state solar wind at edge of solar system?

    pluto solar wind plasma x rays

    Astronomy surprised by results of recent Chandra mission as Pluto or the Suns plasma current behaves differently than expected/modelled, even after modification. But the probe also found that the stream of particles from the sun does not spike in response to solar flares. Instead, the solar wind is surprisingly steady and placid at the edge […]

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    Tour day 6: Slip sliding away

    road cut at Kingman Arizona

    The morning of the last day of the geology tour went past a great road cutting at Kingman, Arizona. After a stop at one end, where Andreas Otte explained what we were looking at and Michael Steinbacher’s ideas of what the EU geology was showing or could imply, we then did another pass and return […]

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    Flux Transfer Events: AC/DC?

    Flux Transfer Events FTEs

    Flux Transfer Events appear to regularly connect planet Earth with the Sun. Every few minutes there is a massive flow or exchange of power/current from our planet to our plasma star. Is this a DC circuit? FTE’s also seem to connect the other planets including Mercury in our Solar System to the Sun. Earth’s magnetosphere […]

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    Tour day 5: MIA or OOPA?

    Geology mystery missing out of place lava basalt rock Nevada

    Where does this black rock (volcanic basalt rock?) come from around the Oatman/Kingman area in Nevada? Is the rest of […]

    Moses the Electromagnetic Engineer?

    Moses Bible Electric Universe theory

    The heavenly chariots, angels, choirs of angels, trumpet blasts and Mount Sinai, hero’s hearing and acting on and leading lots […]

    No steady state Direct Current?

    Direct Current plasma electromagnetic universe

    If you take the scale to extremes for steady state DC (Direct Current) would you always see a relative change, […]

    Tour day 5: Hoodoo you do?

    EU theory geology tour Hoodoos fairy chimney

    Day 5 of the EU theory geology tour continued with more very varied scenery, rockery, mineralery, hoodery and foodery. Mountains […]

    SIS Chronology & Catastrophism Review

    Chronology & Catastrophism Review Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

    The Society’s latest magazine is what you pay your annual membership for, it is awesome! The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies […]