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    Birkeland’s galaxy

    Birkeland currents filaments galaxy clusters

    If you could describe the physical structure of a galaxy formed by Birkeland currents then would the twisting filamentary nature of galaxy NGC 4696 be a fascinating example of a Kristian Birkeland galaxy? New observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have revealed the intricate structure of the galaxy NGC 4696 in greater detail than […]

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    Chicxulub Crater geology surprises: 2002

    Chicxulub crater geology

    The discovery of unique low density Chicxulub granite, during the drilling project into the Chicxulub crater’s peak ring mountains, is not the only geological surprise from the supposed meteor impact crater. How were these special granites formed? In the 2004 drilling project there was more geology surprises. The Chicxulub Scientific Drilling Project (CSDP) between 2001 […]

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    All aboard the Gravy Wavy Train

    gravy train

    All aboard the peer reviewed Gravitational Wave gravy train starting from platform LIGO. Jobs, careers and reputations for life, not to mention pensions and honours, when you have completed riding the gravy train. After all, as long as it can be modelled using the filtered data, it is proved. It does not matter if the […]

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    England’s 800,000 years old footprints

    Happisburgh footprints

    Happisburgh in Norfolk, England has one of the strangest and oldest group of footprints ever found. Project Happisburgh has certainly in theory found in the oldest preserved footprints in Britain and also out of Africa, nearly one million years old. The footprints are more than 800,000 years old and were found on the shores of […]

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    Instant footilization

    humanoid human footprints fossilised

    Ancient preserved footprints or instant fozzilisation of footprints? How can ancient human footprints have been fossilized in mud? How can pre history hominin or humanoid footprints have been fossilised in material and still survive to this day? Even though the total population of pre history humans would not be comparable to modern numbers it is […]

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    How dense are they?

    granite Chicxulub crater

    Unique granite found in the sea floor found during the drilling of the Peak Ring mountains of the Chicxulub Crater, is another geology theory surprise. Was this special granite rock, which is much less dense than standard granites, originally much deeper in the Earth’s crust and forced up to the surface by a meteor impact […]

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    Race walking

    out of africa dna L3 australia aboriginal aborigine

    Another example of shoehorning the conclusions of your own results into standard theory? Even if your own data does not and can not fit into the shoe? After fleeing out of Africa, their DNA mutating the instant they left the continent, part of the L3 wandering tribe went halfway across the world in only 20,000 […]

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    The dark cosmic coincidence problem

    cosmic coincidence problem dark energy expanding big bang

    If the Big Bang theory and dark stuff theory is correct then what are the odds that humans are alive on planet Earth and in this universe when you have amazing cosmic coincidences involving the expansion/acceleration of the universe and dark matter/energy? Welcome to the dark cosmic coincidence problem. Invisible dark matter and dark energy […]

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    Hexagonal craters

    hexagonal craters magnetic fields

    Hexagonal craters. How can the hexagon shape be formed due to meteor/asteroid impacts? How are irregular polygons and similar angles of the crater rim be formed in very different local conditions from very different asteroid types? Hexagonal craters on Earth, planets, moons and asteroids Hexagonal craters shape formation They look to be created as a […]

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    Younger Earth or Older Earth?

    Larry mammoth Columbian

    How old are humans? How old are some groups history and myths? Or how young are recent catastrophic events? Is […]

    Why are planets still hot?

    how are planets earth still hot warm explanation

    If planets and moons were formed billions of years ago how and why are they still warm? How could the […]

    Geoelectric volcanoes and magma

    geoelectric geoelectricity volcano magma electric universe theory

    More evidence of electric volcanoes with more volcanic magma around the world being discovered to be electrically conductive. made the […]

    SAFIRE: measuring Birkeland currents and double layers

    SAFIRE Project birkeland currents

    An actual physical experiment that will perhaps be able to measure the different values of Birkeland currents and plasma double […]

    Hexagonal clouds

    hexagonal cloud shapes

    Hexagonal cloud shapes are producing interesting physical features that may be used for geology and also are being suggested as […]