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    Subglacial water currents and circuits

    subglacial circuits subglacieal water

    Subglacial lakes and subglacial water currents have now also been found in Greenland’s ice sheets. The first subglacieal lakes and life were found in Antarctica, with Lake Vostok perhaps the most famous. Does a subglacial water system mean it is a natural circuit? What sort of component in planet Earth’s plasma and electromagnetic circuit? The […]

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    God fathers


    My father, who art in heaven? Were Egyptian Pharaohs earthly representatives of their sponsoring god, their godfathers? This New Kingdom statue shows pharaoh Amenhotep III with a solar form of Sobek, likely Sobek-Horus … He is first known from several different Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom, particularly from spell PT 317. The spell, which […]

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    European Space Agency says it is an Electric Earth

    Electric Earth electromagnetic oceans

    The ESA (European Space Agency) has released a study with the title Magnetic oceans and electric Earth. Scientists have used and interpreted the data from the ESA’s three Swarm satellites to partly reveal the electrical nature of planet Earth’s top layers. Oceans might not be thought of as magnetic, but they make a tiny contribution […]

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    EU 2016 conference review: elegant, simple, everything

    EU 2016 Electric Universe conference review Wallace Thornhill Dave Talbott

    The EU 2016 conference, organised by the Thunderbolts Project and especially Susan Schirott, had the strap line of ‘elegant simplicity’. Over an electric weekend the various presentations showed how an Electric Universe and this conference was elegant, simple and covered everything. The speakers discussed a wide range of subjects from science, mythology, geology to space […]

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    Diamond trees

    Pandanus candelabrum diamond tree

    A plant that has similar roots to a mango tree, has been suggested as growing only on kimberlite pipes. Does the Pandanus candelabrum plant show where diamonds may be found in Africa? a thorny plant with stilt-like aerial roots seems to be an indicator species for diamond-bearing kimberlite formations … Tentatively identified as P candelabrum, […]

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    I was born under a wandering brown dwarf star

    brown dwarf star jupiter saturn

    Could wandering brown dwarf stars sustain life in their plasma sheath? Could they transfer life around the galaxy and universe? Could rogue stars including brown dwarfs have seeded our solar system, other galaxies and the universe? if Jupiter and its moons were an independent system in interstellar space, then that huge magnetosphere or plasma sheath […]

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    DREAMS of an electric Mars

    Mars Martian electric

    Schiaparelli, the latest mission to Mars, is designed primarily as a testing space craft for future ESA (European Space Agency) projects technology. It is also going to be testing for some forms of Martian electromagnetic phenomena. The European Schiaparelli probe may have to contend with relatively dusty conditions when it arrives at Mars. The spacecraft […]

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    Shock rock geology

    Chicxulub Crater shock rock transmutation material

    A unique type of granite has been found during the offshore drilling operation of the peak ring around the Chicxulub Crater. Material or rock transformed by shock into unique granite by the event that created the Chicxulub Crater. Evidence that material can be transmuted, where it is found, by a energy discharge event or strong […]

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    Mantle earthquakes

    mantle earthquakes inner outer core

    Geology theory suggests that earthquakes are surface events created by stresses and strains between vast tectonic plates. They are relatively not that deep. There is now a suggestion, from what seems to be actual physical experimental data and not just purely from computer modelling, that there may be even deeper earthquakes than previous theories have […]

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    Peak Chicxulub Crater surprises?

    Chicxulub crater peak ring surprises

    Chicxulub Crater, the asteroid impact crater that is suggested to have killed off the dinosaurs, is being drilled and surveyed […]

    Out on a limb

    drepanosaurus divergent evolution convergent evolution forelimb anteaters

    Out on an evolutionary limb with divergent evolution and convergent evolution theories producing similar physical characteristic? The Drepanosaurus fossil shows […]

    Definitely magma

    magma definition

    What is magma? Some scientific type people have suggested we need to define the term of what magma is (not […]

    Volcano geology and chronology revision

    chronology myths volcano revision evidence

    How young or recent are some catastrophic events even if all the geology evidence suggests they were pre historic events? […]

    UFO’s in an Electric Universe

    ufo's electric universe

    What does an Electric Universe mean for UFO’s, alien spaceships or ultra advanced craft? Does EU theory start to give […]