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    Tour day 4: Snow Canyon and the Virgin River

    Electric Universe geology tour 2016

    What would, what could geology and the tour itinerary provide that we had not already seen? Things at this stage were getting a little hazy in various ways, hopefully the photos and locations are correct. The good news was that the only thing finally not hazy was the blue skies, meaning decent photography light, but […]

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    Future Champion of the Late Heavy Weight Bombardment

    Late Heavy Bombardment Velikovsky

    The Chaotic Solar System has a new Champion of the Late Heavy Weight Bombardment. But for how long before he loses his crown to a bigger and even older king of the ring? Late Planet Weight Bombardment? “We know there were big asteroids, but we have increased the size significantly,” explained Prof Schultz. “The previous […]

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    DNA: Determinedly Nothing but out of Africa

    DNA theories Out of Africa alternative

    More DNA research reveals the incredible variation in human population and more mystery surrounding those pesky Basal Eurasians. Analysis of DNA from some of the world’s first farmers shows that they had surprisingly diverse origins … The switch from mobile hunting and gathering to the sedentary lifestyle of farming first occurred about 10,000 years ago […]

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    Tour day 3: Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon

    Electric Universe geology tour Bryce Canyon

    On an Electric Universe geology tour can you beat visiting Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon in one day? Day 3 of the tour started by continuing the discussions on what we had seen the previous day but very soon and by the end of the day it was a general consensus that perhaps Zion […]

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    Viewing the plasma instability on Malta

    peratt plasma instability Hagar Qim Temple

    Malta has some huge free standing megalithic structures, called temples by modern man. At the Hagar Qim structure there is a fascinating plasma mythology column of an owl at the bottom of the tree of life, similar to the stack of toroids. It was found in the first courtyard or opening area from its very […]

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    Taking the Electric Wind out of EU sails

    electric wind Venus universe plasma cosmology

    Are scientists now scrabbling to adopt Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology ideas into their explanations of natural electromagnetic phenomena they are observing everywhere? Julian West pointed out that not only in a recent report where mainstream science used the words ‘Electric Wind’ but generally more and more space news articles are using typical EU theory […]

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    Tour day 2: Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs

    Electric Universe theory geology tour Squatter Man Peratt Plasma Instabilities

    The site visits of the 2016 EU geology tour started with the re-arranged itinerary to now include the big guns of Meteor crater and the Grand Canyon on the same day. A general thought was that while brilliant to be visiting these in the same day, would they not over shadow the rest of the […]

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    Stone Age ‘telescopes’

    horizon astronomy

    Were some stone age monuments used to enhance the viewing of a particular section of the night sky? Were some megalithic sites built to help isolate star constellations at certain times of the year? For example the first rising above the horizon of an important seasonal or festive marker star? If plasma phenomena were witnessed […]

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    EU geology tour 2016: Day 1

    Electric Universe geology tour 2016 Phoenix

    The EU geology tour 2016, after the EU 2016 Phoenix conference, and in memorial to Michael Steinbacher’s work, was an Electric Geology and Universe expanding trip. Below is a brief summary of Day 1 of the tour, the other days will follow. Also, more detailed reports of the various locations will appear in the nearish […]

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    Entrenched horseshoe bends

    Horseshoe Bends geology

    How are horseshoe bends (entrenched meanders) created in canyons? How are very deep and tight horseshoe bends created in canyons? […]

    Australian flood myth is history

    Australian Aboriginal flood myth is history flooding aborigine

    Australian Aboriginal myth is history according to a recent report on their stories about flooding and perhaps a great flooding […]

    Geomagnetic jerks

    Geomagnetic jerk

    Geomagnetic jerks seem to produce changes to physical properties of planet Earth. Changing geomagnetic properties and other measured things such […]

    Plasma mineral and diamond pipes

    pipes diamond lamproite kimberlite breccia formation

    Does this diveflyfish experiment show one possible plasma geology explanation for diamond producing lamproite pipes, kimberlite pipes and other types […]


    Gaia Electric Universe theory EU

    If Gaia, the idea of everything in a world being connected and part of a feedback system, then how would […]