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    Mars ocean tsunami scenarios

    Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

    What are the EU theory explanations and/or alternatives of the recent suggestion of geological evidence (and computer modelling) of at least two Mars tsunamis created by meteor impacts in a now missing Mars ocean? It has been proposed that ~3.4 billion years ago an ocean fed by enormous catastrophic floods covered most of the Martian […]

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    What is pitchstone?

    pitchstone obsidian arran

    What is pitchstone? What is pitchstone? How is pitchstone formed? Is pitchstone just a special variation of volcanic glass? A form of obsidian rock created in high water conditions such as underwater in the sea? Is pitchstone from the same source as lava rock around it but it has been transformed or transmuted by another […]

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    Animal and serpent gods suckling?

    Hathor Isis suckling animal gods

    Hathor as a cow goddess suckling God King Phaorahs and other gods can be reasonably understood in the madness that seems to be ancient Egyptian mythology. Hathor/Isis as tree gods milking Egypts phaorahs seems hard to understand. But other ancient animal gods, spirit gods and strange creature gods including serpents (snakes) or reptiles (lizards) milking […]

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    Suns plasmafall

    coronal rain sun plasma

    Sometimes you forget just how visually amazing the universe is. Especially a electric/plasma universe when it can provide a breathtaking plasmafall on our sun. An phantplasmagorical event called coronal rain (plasma rain) was captured on the sun. It is an awe-inspiring plasma display for an unforgettable 4 minutes x multiple replays to also observe how […]

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    Diamond formation events witnessed by Aboriginals? Geology evidence?

    Is there geological evidence that Australian Aboriginal clans witnessed the instant formation of diamonds in two different areas separated by 100 miles? Both locations that were geological surprisingly to have diamonds. The famous Argyle diamond mine and the Kununurra area with its still mysterious local diamond source. Local Aborigine Miriuwung (Miriwoong) and Gidja Dreaming Time […]

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    Diamonds created by plasmoids? (Free video)

    plasmoids diamonds

    Did Australian Aboriginals watch a plasmoid create the diamonds at the Argyle diamond mine and then witness it again at Kununurra? Louis Hissink, a former ‘Diamond’ geologist with DeBeers, after personally seeing the physical evidence combined with hearing the specific Aboriginal mythology, is convinced that the Aboriginal’s ancestors witnessed the Electric Universe plasma events that […]

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    Modern geology theory destroyed?

    extraterrestrial sands book review gary gilligan

    Does the Extraterrestrial Sands book by Gary Gilligan stop The Rock Cycle and therefore destroy modern geology theory? Sand? A book about sand. Not even a book with lots of photos of half naked ladies on a sand beach. A whole book, even if it is fairly short and easy to read, about sand. When […]

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    Specimen Mountain and pitchstone

    pitchstone 7 specimen mountain never summer range volcanic glass

    Pitchstone, a special and rarer type of volcanic glass that is high in water content, is found on the Isle of Arran, Scotland and also on the slopes of Specimen Mountain in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Specimen Mountain, in the fantastically named Never Summer Range, and the Scottish Isle of Arran also have numerous […]

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    Hathor priesthood – priests and priestesses?

    hathor dancers dancing priestesses ancient egypt

    The strange ancient Egyptian bovine goddess Hathor was also strange in that her priesthood and temples had both male and females serving her. Other deities in Egypt usually had men or women but Hathor had both. Why was the Cow God Hathor’s temples and worship suitable for both priest and priestess? Why did they have […]

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    EMountain formation: Plasma blasts and harmonics

    mountain formation cymatics harmonics

    Geology suggests that central peak craters and peak ring craters are formed when an meteorite impacts the surface and this […]

    Isle of Pitchstone


    Pitchstone rock is a variation of natural glass and similar to obsidian. Pitchstone seems to be a rare beastie found […]

    What was Hathor?

    Hathor Milky Way cow goddesses what why

    What was Hathor? What was this strange Egyptian goddesses with so many different titles, names and imagery? Hathor, Lady of […]

    Pluto craters

    pluto craters

    Pluto, suggested to be composed of ice and rock with its surface a massive 98% nitrogen ice, has revealed more […]

    Isle of Rare Earth Minerals

    Isle of Arran and Rare Earth Elements metals fergusonite gadolinite

    The Isle of Arran is one of the few locations in Great Britain where you can find minerals with rare […]