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    You Current!

    Alternating Current Direct Current alternatives different theories

    What actually are Alternating Currents or Direct Currents in an Electric Universe? Is it just current? What different variations of the classically electron electricity are there? Is AC ‘instantaneous direct current’? Can what we call alternating electrical current be interpreted or defined as something else? Current or anything else energy-carrying doesn’t need to “get anywhere” […]

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    Tour day 5: Into the Golden Valley

    Into the Valley but some not yet betrothed or divine as the 2016 EU geology tour went into the Golden Valley along the Oatman – Topock Highway, Arizona, on day 5. Ahoy! Ahoy! A look at an abandoned gold mine just above a still working gold mining operation. A narrow rock protrusion, volcanic intrusion, a […]

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    Why is the Moon …

    moon goddess dark chaos immanuel velikovsky

    Why is the Moon not the second most important planet God in mythology? It is the largest object in the sky, at night it is sometimes so bright it can hurt your eyes, it seems to create two tides a day. Why is the Moon seemingly not empowered or feared like the mighty but far […]

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    AC/DC Electric Universe?

    Alternating Current or Direct Current AC/DC Electric Universe theory

    Are the natural electric currents in an Electric Universe AC, DC, AC/DC and/or something else? Is there technically no such thing as a true steady state Direct Current or flat line DC? electricity is the movement of electrons. All matter is made of atoms, and all atoms have electrons. AC/DC: What’s the Difference? | Public […]

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    Tour day 5: Looking for ghosts

    abandoned gold mining towns near Route 66

    Driving through the hills around and along Route 66 in Nevada to look for the missing volcanoes, the missing basalt and the ghosts of the ghost gold towns at Oatman and Techatticup. Oatman not so Ghost Town At Oatman the EU theory geology tour drivers had to navigate for lots of tourists wandering the streets […]

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    The Iron Age as mythology

    Various civilisations have in their mythology of iron as it coming to our planet from the gods in heaven surrounding our planet. Why would a brisk iron industry spring up around the world just when the highly developed, and in some ways ecumenical, old civilization, with its many thriving industries, collapses? The entrance upon the […]

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    Night Swimming

    ac dc electric universe coastal potential difference night swimming

    During the day on the coast there is normally a breeze. If you are British during the summer it is termed bracing, which means rather cold and invigorating. A lot of times after a breezy day the coastal wind can rapidly calm down during the evening. If the Sun was out it would be perfect […]

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    Tour day 5: Different vista

    geology tour around grand canyon

    On the way from Red Rock Canyon to go to the land of the Golden Fleece or Golden Mines and Towns at least. The geology tour motors on while those being chauffeured try to get their breath back from either work in the field or from the views. On the Las Vegas desert style flat […]

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    Iron mythology – the metal from heaven

    Iron the metal of heaven mythology

    In some civilisations culture and mythology iron is considered as the metal of heaven, the metal from heaven, sent by the Gods or cosmic forces to planet Earth. A Tutankhamun burial dagger was made from an iron meteorite. A dagger entombed alongside the mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was made with iron that came from […]

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    Dead planets

    dead planets electromagnetically alive

    Planets may be considered dead but that is to do with lifeforms and geological activity. Are all planets, moons, asteroids, […]

    Tour day 5: Red Rock Canyon

    Electric Universe geology tour Red Rock Canyon

    Red Rock Canyon again provided another vista of different rocks, structures and strata on day 5 of the EU geology […]

    Saturn Configuration imagery

    saturn polar configuration planets

    These are a collection of images showing the Saturn Configuration planets and system in various forms. These are mostly from […]

    A matter of change

    redshift galaxy clusters groupings of age

    Halton Arp’s evidence and theories, when investigating the possibility that redshift may be wrong, also suggest the possibility that ‘new’ […]

    Tour day 4: Snow Canyon and the Virgin River

    Electric Universe geology tour 2016

    What would, what could geology and the tour itinerary provide that we had not already seen? Things at this stage […]